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Forget Everything You’ve Ever Heard About How Difficult It Is To Make
Good Money In A Franchise Business!

The Toenail People franchise is an exciting franchise opportunity with great potential… and I know, everyone says that… but stick with me, and let me show you why it is true…

Our franchisees have the benefit of our years of experience in providing “in-house” health
services. In addition we have had over eight years experience in researching, building and
operating the Toenail People franchise in the Queensland and northern NSW area.

We offer our franchisees significant benefits including:

  • Continual access to the Toenail People’s extensive knowledge in the health industry
  • Training – that is 100% hands on, so you quickly become confident and a competent operator! As well as administration support and self promotion strategies
  • A business structure that is easily adapted to work around your family life

As a Toenail People franchisee, you do not require any experience in any particular area – every aspect of your training is provided by the Toenail People prior to your commencement of the franchise.

We believe that a Toenail People franchise has great earning potential particularly having
regard to the number of hours worked by you as franchisee. For example if you service
just 10 to 15 clients per day we expect you could earn a gross profit of about $1,500 to
$2,250 per week working half days.

Let me say that again, in case you missed it! – $1,500 to $ 2,250 a week working half days… how many people do you know who earn that kind of money in their 9-5 job???

“You Can Have A Happier Life … And An Excellent Income… Performing
A Service Everyone Needs… Working Part Time Or Full Time”

Our experience in toenail cutting indicates that to service this amount of clients per day does not require a long day – rather 10 to 15 clients can be serviced in about 5-7 hours depending on level and time of experience.

The level of success of a Toenail People franchise will depend to a large extent on your individual personality and determination. A Toenail People franchisee must be motivated and enthusiastic and enjoy the company of other people.

A Toenail People franchise will provide an excellent return on your investment without any need for excessive hard labor on your part.

In particular a Toenail People franchise is more attractive than other franchises because:

  • The work required to profit from the franchise is not difficult.
  • The service is not seasonal, it is repeat business – toenails keep growing throughout the year – and your business should keep growing with them!
  • You (as franchisee) determine the terms of payment – generally it is simple to be paid by each client on the day that you provide services to that client.
  • Hours for the business are flexible to fit in with your family life.


My Friends Thought I Was Crazy Until They Saw The Money Start To Roll
In From My ‘Keep-It-Simple’ Business Formula!


What we do is quite straight forward and simple… 95% of our clients are elderly and the other 5% is made up of people who have a disability of some kind.

Step 1 We go to the client’s house.
Step 2 We cut their toenails and we file them
Step 3 We apply moisturizing cream to their toe nails.
Step 4 We collect the money from the client.
Step 5 Repeat the above 4 steps and watch as your bank balance grows!


The Toenail People’s system is as simple as that!

So, how is this different to Podiatrists and Pedicures? I hear you ask…

So the difference is – and this is not being disrespectful to podiatrists or anything – but podiatrists charge about $60 upwards and that is for the client to go to the Podiatrist’s office or clinic.

Now, the majority of our clients have mobility problems: hip replacements, knee replacements, visually impaired, people with arthritis, osteoporosis, bad backs, physically disabled people, and the frail aged… you get the picture…

For people like this, to get to a podiatrist they need to get some form of transport. So getting on a bus – I don’t know if you know about the buses – the first step up onto a bus is a huge high step and the majority of our clients can’t get up onto that first step, or off the bus for that matter.

The second thing is, they could get a taxi there and back… but… that is going to cost them extra money as well.

The third thing is, they could get their family to take them… but… usually by the time the family finishes work the podiatrist’s shop is closed as well.

So the fact that we go to the customer’s house is different. The cheapest I have heard a podiatrist go in to someone’s house was $75, and remember, your clients are on a pension, so every dollar really counts.

Not only do we see our service as different in these ways but the clients certainly do as well; that is the feedback we get from the clients. In regards to a pedicure shop, it would be the same with the transport issues and the costs.

For these elderly clients, all they want is their toenails cut. They do not want fake nails, nail polish, or things like that. Because they cannot reach them, they are just grateful that someone comes to their house to cut their toenails, file them, and apply moisturizing cream to them.

How To Discover The Fortune Hidden In Your Own Hometown

Before you begin your franchise we take you through hands-on training. You will go around with one of the existing franchisees on a day-to-day basis.

You would learn step by step the process, what to check etc as the franchisee is actually doing the nails… this way you get to know what to do and what to check for.

Then what you do next is you get to have a go on some of the easier nails and then you progress to doing clients that have thick nails and things like that as well. Then you practice using all the different instruments.

Once you have learned that, we meet up with the podiatrist that we have at one of the nursing homes – and she goes through the general hygiene requirements. Then you meet a couple of the residents and you cut their nails for free, so that you practice cutting toe nails under the supervision of the podiatrist.

Once it is done and the podiatrist is happy with you, then you receive an in-house certificate that we sign off and the podiatrist signs off, that says you are capable of doing toenail cutting.

How To Join Those Who Earn Over $50,000 A Year With A Business Of
Your Own…  and what will it cost.

We understand you are busy and time is one of your most precious commodities. We also “get it” that choosing a business is stressful, frantic and confusing. Everything we do, every system we have in place, is designed to make your journey into life as a Toenail People franchisee, the Fastest, Simplest, Easiest, Most Convenient and Fun experience of your life

Perhaps you’re still wondering if becoming a Toenail People franchisee is really right for you. That’s perfectly normal.

To put your mind at ease and let you know exactly what to expect when you join the growing list of discerning mums and dads, business owners and professionals turning to The Toenail People to begin their business life, here’s brief run-down of our process:

A Toenail People franchise is priced to sell at a price that makes it affordable:

Buying a franchise. The price is $55,000 (plus GST). After buying a franchise you could operate any territory in your State, (with the exception of a designated area around Brisbane and the Gold Coast).


       Stage 1. Your initial contact with Aaron or Karen

You simply call on the ad or complete the enclosed ‘Expression of Interest’ form.
Aaron will then speak with you and discuss this phenomenal business opportunity with you.

Towards the end of this discussion… if it is something that you think you may be interested in further, then we arrange a time where we all get to meet in person.

Stage 2. Your one-on-one meeting with Aaron and Karen.

We can meet with you at your house or somewhere close by.

At this point we need to get you to sign a confidentiality agreement and then we disclose the business fully… show you the kit… how the database works… and much more…

Stage 3. Your reflection time

We then give you a few days to absorb what has been said.

This also gives you time to consider your own situation… any questions…and to picture yourself in this thriving business.

Stage 4. Your due diligence time

This is the step where you put down your deposit, at which point you are given all the franchise documents to peruse and take to your solicitor.

This is a vital step, and we strongly urge you to take these documents and get your own legal advice before you proceed any further.

Stage 5. Your journey as a business owner begins

This is the most exciting time for you as you sign your business owner documents… finalize the purchase of your new business… and…

You begin your training with Aaron and Karen and all the support processes are put in place to get you underway in your new franchise.

Easy. Simple.

We will work closely with you as you build and grow your business.   It’s a clear choice really. You decide to act and grab the freedom and flexibility of this business or you decide to stay exactly where you are. The next move is yours.

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